Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is It Hot, Or Is It Just Me?

It's just hot! It was 107 degrees yesterday and should be about the same today. Some relief is expected this weekend with temperatures in the 90's. Maybe that will feel cool.
I made another fan and played around with watercolors and Photoshop yesterday. I think the heat is zapping my creativity and I'm hoping a little play will jump start it.


Anonymous said...

WOW I like these! YES it is hot! LOLOL Water, H20! VERY MUCH NEEDED at this moment. :) Great post!

Lindsay said...

we northerners missed the brunt of the heatwave. do i dare taunt you with having to wear a light jacket this afternoon? ;-) love the fans! how cool! (tee hee, bad pun).

thanks for the comments on my new series - tissu. it is so new that i'm a little insecure with it.

Steph said...

I love new fan and the paintings are cool ! If you give me a bit of sun I'll give you a bit of rain !

Still Waters Studio said...

I am one who loves summer, but this heat has me even thinking fondly of winter. I would gladly trade some sun if I could get some rain in the bargain. We have been a month without rain. I'm praying my well holds out.

Steph said...

Hi again Sherry ! If it was possible i would trade rain for sun ! I found the stone setting idea in that book :

Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog !

jafabrit said...

the top photo is exactly how I feel, YIKES when it gets that hot it is hard to do anything. Love the painting and card though.