Saturday, August 09, 2008

City, Stream, and Stones

Our family excursion last weekend to East Tennessee was a blast! Fun was had by all. Our first stop was Chattanooga on Saturday where we went on a walking tour of the riverfront area. If you haven't been , you should consider a trip there. It is a beautiful area with plenty to do for all types of interests. My main interest, of course, was the arts district. We began our walk near the Hunter Museum of American Art. We didn't go in this time, I'll save that for the next visit. They have recently opened a walking bridge across the Tennessee River and that was our route to the arts district...amazing views all the way across.

This is the path coming down from the Hunter Museum

This is part of the Renaissance Park on the NorthShore. There is much more to it, such as a huge carousel and a fountain that has animals that spout water and water that comes from the ground and children and grown-ups play in it.
Hubby and meAll along the street, there are brass footprints with dance steps labeled.
The next one is called "The Kiss."

Hubby and I had to try it out.

This is a small art market that is a part of Art 'til Dark which is on every first and third Saturday, March through November.
This is the Winder-Binder Folk Art-Outsider Art Gallery

We spent the night in Etowah and then the next day we went to the Hiwassee River to go kayaking. It was a three and a half hour trip and the rapids are up to a class 2, which is not too dangerous but just challenging enough to be exciting.
Windsor in the rapids
Hubby in a calm part
Christina coming through the white water

Me, taking a break to look for stones, which I promptly brought home and made into jewelry.
Stones and textured copper
The rocks will cry out.
Sticks and stones

Here is a little finale...Windsor taking the hard way down into the water.


Mary Newton said...

I LOVE the rocks in your jewelry. Are they hard to drill? I've been collecting rocks to use in jewelry but haven't tried drilling yet.


Still Waters Studio said...

These are the first rocks I've drilled too. They weren't too hard. The light colored ones were easier than the dark ones. I used a titanium bit and put the stone in a container of water with a piece of wood under it. That keeps it cool and there is no dust.
Good luck with the drilling.

Gina said...

Wow that looks like incredible fun and how amazing are you that you made jewelry right from your adventure! And you all are so sweet : )

belvedere beads said...

i just wandered into you blog from vlad the bat's attic's sidebar. your stone jewelry is wonderful. i loved seeing pics of you gathering treasures from the water.