Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Officially Summer

Okay...I know it's been summer for more than a week, but one thing that really makes it feel like summer to me is a trip to the drive-in theater. My hubby and I had a date last night and went to the local drive-in to see the new Transformers II movie. We like to go at least a couple of times each summer to this rare piece of Americana. The movie was fair, but the ambiance was priceless. I always forget to bring my camera, so this photo was taken with my cell phone.

I'm starting to get a few veggies from my garden. Here is today's harvest, along with Mr. Squashman. I couldn't resist playing with my food.

Hollyhocks and gladiolas in front of my chickenless chicken house.

I finished a few pairs of earrings. The top two were recycled from steel cans, cut and hammered. The bottom left ones are made of hammered, light gauge brass, and the copper woven ones were inspired by a project from this month's Jewelry Artist Magazine. These will be for sale at this month's Studio Thursday at Silo Studio.

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cynthia korzekwa said...

Thanks for the visit!
How wonderful to be able to have a garden and grow your own vegetables! I've tried growing things on the balcony and have all the herbs possible. This year I tried growing tomatoes have thus far have only had 3......