Sunday, November 29, 2009


I was recently inspired by an article in Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine to create this little house necklace. I chose a Paper Whimsy face to look back out at the world from inside the little house and the word "secret" from an old child's reader.

After finishing that, I spied this little spoon on my work table and having the faces close at hand, was inspired to make this pendant. It would also be possible for me to do custom pieces for people with their ancestors or children and make them look vintage as these photos do.
The necklace above was the first thing that Steph gave to me as we waited for her luggage at the baggage claim at the Nashville airport. It is a cowgirl in resin with ribbons and lace. It always is a conversation starter when I wear it.When we got home, she opened her box of goodies that she brought and out came this gorgeous necklace that I had seen on her blog, but had no idea that it was intended for me. I love the colors and that I can wear it with just about anything.

She and I are planning a necklace round robin for the new year with a couple of other artists. I can't wait to see the results!


Steph said...

Lovely faces! Did you use polymer clay or just resin? The custom order idea is great especially if people ask for very old photos to be used!

Still Waters Studio said...

The first one has acrylic sheet that I cut with my jewelry saw. I put a tiny bit of polymer clay around the edges to fill in the gap. The spoon one has the UTEE.

Esther said...

all is fabulous!! i've been working in some littles belles armoire"s houses.. but your is just perfect!! love the spoon and the cowgirl too!! very mixed media!!
i'm in a round robin too , and understand you!! it's an amazing experience!! enjoy!!

Narrative jewelry said...

Superbe, superbe ! Your new creations are gorgeous one more time. Love particularly the spoon with the baby face.
I can understand that you wear Steph's necklace all the time, it is such a beauty.
Good luck for the future round robin, it is a really beautiful experience.

WondrousStrange said...

Very nice indeed!

Julie H said...

Oooh the teaspoon is just beautiful!

Lucie said...

Beautiful necklaces! I Love the way you used the spoon.
I'm waiting for the round robin as a little girl :-)

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