Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dog Tired

Here are two paintings that I just did today. Each is very different from the other. The first painting is a yellow lab that I did for my son's friend, who did some roofing work for us at a discount. I copied a painting called "Dog Tired" that was done in watercolors, but this one is in acrylics, and I changed some of the colors. The other painting was done to use up the paints that I had left over. The palette reminded me of the southwest, so I added a couple of more colors to spice it up and painted three small paintings on MDF scraps left over from our building project. I then painted a larger piece and mounted them on it. It feels nice to get back into painting. I've been doing a lot of other types of art lately, but I think I like painting the best.


Deb H said...


Debbie Hoover said...

You all just left and i'm having an adventure on your site, this painting although not an org. is too cool if the lab was black I would sware someone had met my lab Baby she sits like that alot kind of poudering life's mysteries or her next meal!!!!