Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Morning at Stillwaters

I wish that my photography skills could capture this sunrise. I tried to alter it to show the colors, but did not succeed in duplicating it. These cold winter days make for great studio time. The outside warm sunshine is not beckoning me to play.
These are a couple of things that I have finished lately. The heart brooch above is copper and brass stitched together with copper wire. It is at Heart and Hands in Franklin.
This is a necklace that I made from one of the polymer clay pendants that Steph gave me. I think it looks like stone.
This colorful bracelet can be found at Cliques in Columbia.


Steph said...

Ohhhhhhh love the photo! :)
The heart brooch is really cool!
Love what you did with the pendant and love the bracelet too! Keep warm!

jiaying said...
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Lindsay said...

Gorgeous photo! I've included your work in this etsy treasury -


JafaBrit's Art said...

I love the reflections in the photograph.
It's snowy and bleak here, but I like to snuggle down in my studio with a cup of teaand watch it from the window as I potter about.
Your jewellry is beautiful.

Happy New Year

ps. gps in Puerto Rico is useless.

Julie H said...

The photo is so beautiful and the stillness is captures beautifully. That heart is amazing, so neat! All your jewellery seems to sing today, it is vibrant.